About Us

A brand that meets the needs of the modern, self-sufficient and free bride. Her main value is genuine feelings, and not the fake ones. A bride who realizes her inner beauty, but not a beauty of the dress that she is wearing. After all, a wedding is not the end, but the beginning of a love story.

These are the dresses wearing which you can dance until you drop, cuddle into the arms of your beloved, embrace your friends and loved ones, and then get into a car and rush off on a journey. These dresses embody love and emotions throughout your wedding day. Purity of intentions is at the heart of the brand's philosophy.
As a subsidiary of the Pollardi Fashion Group, Liretta presents the wedding dresses for brides with a non-stereotypical thinking. These dresses are made for freedom-loving, self-aware, self-confident women, who first of all want to be themselves, and not an accessory for a wedding dress. It's the outfits that specify the personality and lifestyle of the bride. This is the embodiment of laconicism and elegance.

The dresses from Liretta have no bulky corsets, long trains or excessive decor. The main value for the bride is she and her genuine feelings, and not the fake ones. This is a bride who realizes her inner beauty, because a wedding is not the end of a love story, but its beginning.
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